Speed Camera on UK motorway

Are speed cameras becoming craftier than ever with new stealth-applied tactics?


A new speed camera system was positioned in Kent on the M25 between junctions five and six of April last year. It goes by the name of Hadecs 3, short for the Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System 3, which officially became active on the 22 October 2014. Since it’s launch there have been many recorded speeders on the road, with the system totalling a number of 1,513 drivers by January 15th. Newly applied technological advances have placed the setup ahead of the game in traffic enforcement.


The Spec Behind the Tech


A single camera now works with a radar gun to help cover all of the lanes on the busy South Eastern motorway. The camera is fitted to the gantry at the side of the road and takes two shots of a vehicles registration number, if it’s breaking the speed limit. There is extra support from an array of cameras roughly 200 metres away, which are put in place in order to capture vehicles details with wide angled photographs. As well as producing a still of the car they also provide a snap of the speed limit on the gantry sign. Yes these technical elements may be impressive but they are not what seem to be troubling drivers about the newly installed system.


Controversy on the Carriageway


There have been many complaints hurled back from speeding motorists saying that they are unaware of the cameras due to the fact that they are painted grey instead of the traditional yellow. The Highways Agency has responded by saying that these complaints are irrelevant as there are signs warning drivers of the cameras ahead and that the previous model was also grey in colour (the Hadecs 2, located near Heathrow on the M25). However, they have also mentioned that the percentage of people who are caught speeding is minimal in proportion to the “hundreds of thousands of motorists [who] use this stretch of the M25 every day”.


In Conclusion...

So are speed cameras becoming craftier and stealthier than ever before, or is this just an excuse used by ignorant drivers not paying attention on the roads? It’s really quite difficult to judge the effects without comparing figures from the old camera system, although other questions do spring to mind like, “Should people really be relying on painted cameras or warning signs for notifications? Shouldn’t they be keeping to the speed limits in the first place? But then again, are our speed limits too low in fast moving areas like motorway carriageways?” Lots more to think about here!!!

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