A dangerous pothole on a road

How to Handle Potholes

The Problem at Hand
It is concerning how many drivers come into contact with potholes and end up with unnecessary amounts of damage to their cars.  Potholes are caused from frozen water expanding underneath the pavement and most commonly affect the axles and suspension of a vehicle.  They cost motorists and authorities vast amounts of money every year, which also sets back the already underfunded road maintenance kitty.  In fact, the kitty is so underfunded that it would take at least 12 years to catch up with all of the maintenance work in England if authorities were provided with the adequate amount of funding.


There’s definitely no kidding that hazards like these are causing serious problems throughout the country and that measures need to be put in place in order to prevent any further hindrances and damages to the economy.  Unfortunately there’s not much we can do when it comes to things like government funding, but there are steps you can follow to avoid hitting potholes in the first place.  


Tips and Advice
For a start it is very important never to tailgate other drivers.  This can block your view of the road and may cause you to suddenly hit the brakes.  Braking into a pothole is more than likely going to cause damage to your brakes, as they will be taking the impact instead of the actual car.  Driving more slowly around risky roads will allow you to spot potholes and avoid them if possible.  You should also keep an eye out for any frozen patches or puddles as there may be potholes hidden underneath.  If however you spot one that is completely unavoidable then this is what you should do:


1.    Slow down immediately to reduce any damage caused upon impact.


2.    Make sure you have a tight grip on your wheel to stop it from jerking.


3.    Drive straight and steady maintaining control of the vehicle.


4.    Always align your car before driving over a pothole.


5.    Afterwards, pull over and check for any damages.


6.    If any damage has occurred then service your vehicle promptly.


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